Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Death of the Life of the Party | FU:EL setlist 03.17 and 03.24

Finally some radio shows!

3/17 New releases -

This one's not one of my best. A lot of really good songs, but I also screw up with the equipment a lot. But hey, I've only been doing a show for...SEVEN YEARS? Shit...I've got no excuse.

Dick Dale "Nitro" Tribal Thunder (which I didn't play...heh)
Flogging Molly "Paddy's Lament" Float
Streetlight Manifesto "Watch It Crash" Somewhere in the Between
The Big Sleep "Tigers In Our Hearts" Sleep Forever
A Faulty Chromosome "The Loneliness of a Short Distance Walker" As An Ex-Anorexic's Six Sicks Exit
Times New Viking "Dropout" Rip It Off
Vampire Weekend "Campus" Vampire Weekend
Fred Thomas "Little Songs" Flood
Drums & Tuba "Tuba Song" Box Fetish
Mars Volta "Cavaletas" The Bedlam in Goliath
Pattern Is Movement "Right Away" All Together
Minotaur Shock "She's In Dry Dock Now"
Jason Collett "Out of Time"
Drag The River "Death of the Life of the Party" You Can't Live This Way

The K portion of the show was much better, but the file came back corrupted, so no downloadable show. =^( BUT! I do have the March 24th show...

3/24 - new releases -

A great all around new release show. The last couple tracks maybe aren't as good as the beginning, but the Hoosiesr/Whigs/Heys part of the set is great.

Gentleman Auction House "ABCDEFGraveyard" The Book of Matches EP
Apes "Which Witch Wuz" Ghost Games
The Hoosiers "Worried About Ray" Worried About Ray
Whigs "I Got Ideas" Mission Control
The Heys "Friday Night" Young, Bored, & Broke
Man Man "Mr. Jung Stuffed" Rabbit Habits
Mission of Burma "That's When I Reach For My Revolver" Signals, Calls, & Marches
The A.K.A.s "We Write Our Own Anthems" Everybody Make Some Noise
The Gaslight Anthem "The Senor and the Queen" The Senor and the Queen
The Diggs "You Really Used to Light Up the Room" Ctrl-Alt-Del
Steve Smith "Days Go By (acoustic)"
Goldfrapp "Road To Somewhere" The Seventh Tree
Thao Nguyen and the Get Down Stay Down "Beat Health Life and Fire" We Brave Bee Stings and All
Magnetic Fields "California Girls" Distortion
Scientific Lifestyle "Glee Slipper" The Arrow

L-Lh -

The first alphabetical L show started with a veritable mountain of CDs, so I trimmed the "Li-" bands out to whittle it down a bit. Even with that, there were still a good half dozen CDs I didn't get to, including some I really wanted to, like Mark Lanegan. Ah well. A great set, with some really, really great songs.

LCD Soundsystem "North American Scum" Sound of Silver
Ladytron "Playgirl" 604
Les Savy Fav "Hold Onto Your Genre" Inches
La Rocca "Sketches (20 Something Life)" The Truth
Let Go "Bombs Away" Let Go
The Lashes "Sometimes The Sun" Get It
The Lemonheads "If I Could Talk, I'd Tell You" Car Button Cloth
John Lennon "Instant Karma!" The John Lennon Collection
Ben Lee "Into the Dark" Awake Is the New Sleep
Let's Go Sailing "We Get Along" The Chaos In Order
Lambchop "Hey, Where's Your Girl?" Where's Your Girl?
Laika & The Cosmonauts "Floating" The Amazing Colossal Band
L'Arc en Ciel "Feeling Fine" SMILE
Leatherface "Message In a Bottle" Mush
Lagwagon "Today" Double Plaidinum
Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers "Born Again Again" Swampblood
Peter Laughner "Rock It Down" Take the Guitar Player For a Ride
Le Tigre "Deceptacon" Le Tigre

Next week: the rest of the L's! Live! Longwave! Lords of Acid! Love! Love and Rockets! Lucero! Luna! And much, much more! Any requests? Let me know...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"I like jam and no flim-flam" | FU:El setlist 03.03.08

Monday's radio show went off without a hitch. The recording of said show, apparently, did not. The first hour of the show isn't recognized by Windows Media Player, which is odd, because the second hour plays just fine. So that's all you get this week: the last half of the J's...and one of my most eclectic shows EVER!

Click here to download:

Junior Panthers "mg/sec" Junior Panthers
Junior Senior "Can I Get Get Get" Hey Hey My My Yo Yo
Johnny Socko "Scrappin' To Make It Happen" Johnny Socko
Jon Cougar Concentration Camp "My Favorite Show Is 90210" Melon
Junior Varsity "St. Louis" Cinematographic
Jonny Lives! "Lost My Mind" Get Steady
Daniel Johnston "Love Wheel" Fun
Jucifer "When She Goes Out" I Name You Destroyer
Joy Division "New Dawn Fades" Unknown Pleasures
Jonathan Fire Eater "The Beautician" Tremble Under Boom Lights
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings "Tell Me" 100 Days, 100 Nights
Louis Jordan "Knock Me a Kiss" Swingers soundtrack
Robert Johnson "Sweet Home Chicago" The Complete Recordings
Johnny Action Figure "Your Fortune's Gonna Leave You" Asks the World to Please Stop Spinning
Jolene "Pensacola" In The Gloaming
Damien Jurado "Great Today" Ghost of David
Joan of idea what song or album

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Capitalism stole my virginity" | FU:EL setlist 02.25.08

Another week, another radio show, and if I may say so myself, a fantastic one. It tooka little bit to fall into a groove in the new release stuff, but the back half of that and the entire alphabetical show was fantastic. On that end, I slipped in (International) Noise Conspiracy, which I missed last week, then slipped in a punk set, a low key set, and a noise set, all of which flow great and fit well together. Just fantastic stuff.

Download the new release show here:

The Mars Volta "Aberinkula" The Bedlam in Goliath
Pattern Is Movement "Jenny Ono" All Together
The Mae Shi "Lamb & Lion" Hlllyh
Bunnies "Alec Eiffel" Dig For Fire: A Tribute To Pixies
The Raveonettes "My Heartbeat's Dying" Lust Lust Lust
Aster "Attempting to Multiply" Some Things Seldom Heard
The Swimmers "Heaven" Fighting Trees
The Donnas "Wasted" Bitchin'
The Hives "Tick Tick Boom" The Black & White Album
Rivers Cuomo "Blast Off!" Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo
Gentleman Auction House "The Book of Matches" The Book of Matches EP
The Alphabetical Order "This Too Shall Pass" I Am Magically Happening
Chris Walla "Everyone Needs a Home" Field Manual
Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks "Gardenia" Real Emotional Trash
No Kids "For Halloween" Come Into My House

Download J-Jl here:

The (International) Noise Conspiracy "Capitalism Stole My Virginity" A New Morning, Changing Weather
Jawbox "Tools & Chrome" Grippe
The Jealous Sound "Naive"
Jawbreaker "Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault" Dear You
Jimmy Eat World "No Sensitivity" Split EP (w/ Jebediah)
Jets To Brazil "One Summer Last Fall" Four-Cornered Night
Jerkwater "Work In Progress" Love and Latitude
Jennyanykind "When the Sun Shines Down on the Average" Revelator
James "Laid" Laid
The Jayhawks "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (acoustic)" Live at the Women's Club Vol. 1
Jane's Addiction "Rock n' Roll/Sympathy" Jane's Addiction
The Jesus and Mary Chain "I Hate Rock n' Roll" Hate Rock n' Roll
The Jesus Lizard "Chrome" Bang
Jesus Jones "Trust Me" Doubt
Jetenderpaul "Hudson Bay Drive" Presents the Modal Lines

Next week: the back half of the J's, featuring Junior Senoir, Joy Division, Johnny Action Figure, and more!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

She's so "Yoo Hoo" | FU:EL setlist 02.18.08

Another week, another radio show setlist. First up, an hour of new releases....

The Whigs "I Never Want To Go Home" Mission Control
Say Hi "Northwestern Girls" The Wishes and the Glitch
Bob Mould "Very Temporary" The District Line
Flogging Molly "Float" Float
Cat Power "Song To Bobby" Jukebox
Sleeper Car "Lay It Down" Love & Anxiety EP
The Helio Sequence "Lately" Keep Your Eyes Ahead
Zykos "What You Know" Keep It Light EP
Manjongg "Tell the Police the Truth" Kontpab
Vampire Weekend "Campus" Vampire Weekend
Die! Die! Die! "Throw a Fit" Promises, Promises
Grand Archives "The Crime Window" Grand Archives
Heavenly States "Morning Exercise" Delayer
The Ape Shits "I Want No One" La Pollution Culturelle
Sia "Little Black Sandals" Some People Have Real Problems

...and then, artists that start with the letter "i". I'm appalled I forgot to play (International) Noise Conspiracy despite saying I was going to twice. This will be corrected next week.

Iron & Wine "Sunset Soon Forgotten" Our Endless Numbered Days
Incredible Moses Leroy "Anthem" Electric Pocket Radio
Irving "Situation" Death In the Garden, Blood On the Flowers
The Inbreds "You Will Know" Kombinator
Inspiral Carpets "Cobra" Devil Hopping
Ism "No More" Monkey Underneath
I Am the World Trade Center "Aurora Borealis" Out of the Loop
Ivy "Edge of the Ocean" Long Distance
Imperial Teen "Yoo Hoo" What Is Not To Love?
Interpol "The Heinrich Maneuver" Our Love To Admire
INXS "Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)" Listen Like Thieves
Irving "Did I Ever Tell You I'm In Love With Your Girlfriend?" Good Morning Beautiful
Institute "The Heat of Your Love" Distort Yourself
Idlewild "Out of Routine" The Remote Part
Inkwell "The Tragedy of David Gribble" These Stars Are Monsters
Icarus Line "Caviar" Penance Soiree
Ice Palace "She Holds Hands" Bright Leaf Left

Next week: the first half of the J's, featuring James, Jane's Addiction, The Jayhawks, Jesus Jones, and Jimmy Eat World, among others. Requests are welcomed, as always.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"Who can turn the world on with her smile?" | Setlist 02.04.08

This radio show marks some kind of weird record: this is the first time I went into the show picking EXACTLY how many CDs I needed to do the show. I sat down with two stacks of CDs, and those CDs were exactly enough to fill the entire shows. No extras, no needing to run back to the stacks and grab something else. That has NEVER happened before.

The alphabetical show covered the latter part of the H's. It will surprise no one that I played Husker Du. It may surprise some people that I played three Husker Du songs...heh.

First up, the new release portion of the show...

British Sea Power "Waving Flags" Do You Like Rock Music?
The Loved Ones "Pretty Good Year" Build & Burn
Coconut Coolouts "Spell It Out, Dummy"
The Hives "Try It Again" The Black & White Album
Pride Tiger "Fill Me In" The Lucky Ones
The Maxtone Four "Melody Girl" Hey Hey Do It Anyway
Mussels "Don't Leave Your Coffee On the Bar" Little Voices
Ungdomskulen "Feels Like Home" Cry Baby
Shondes "Don't Look Down" The Red Sea
Flogging Molly "You Won't Make a Foot Out of Me" Float
Drive-By Truckers "3 Dimes Down" Brighter Than Creation's Dark
Bob Mould "Who Needs To Dream" District Line
Magnetic Fields "The Nun's Litany" Distortion
Rafter "Love Time Now Please" Sex, Death, Cassette
Yip-Yip "Jazz Rats" Two Kings for One Kingdom

....and then, we've got the H's!

Hot Chip "Shake a Fist" Made in the Dark
Hotpipes "If...Don't..." Hotpipes
Hot Hot Heat "Get In Or Get Out" Make Up the Breakdown
The Hold Steady "Stuck Between Stations" Boys and Girls In America
Thee Hypnotists "If the Good Lord Loves Ya" The Very Crystal Speed Machine
Son House "Death Letter" Original Delta Blues
Jolie Holland "Crush in the Ghetto" Springtime Can Kill You
Hum "Stars" You'd Prefer An Astronaut
Hot Water Music "Wayfarer" Caution
Husker Du "I Apologize" New Day Rising
Husker Du "If I Told You" New Day Rising
H2O "Thicker Than Water" Thicker Than Water
Hot Snakes "Gar Forgets His Insulin" Suicide Invoice
Hole "Miss World" Live Through This
Hockey Night "For Guys Eyes Only" Keep Guessin'
The Hurricane Lamps "Don't Turn Around" Tilting at Windmills
Peter Holsaple and Chris Stamey "I Want To Break Your Heart" Mavericks
Husker Du "Love Is All Around" Makes No Sense At All single

Next week, the I's. I'll play Interpol, (International) Noise Conspiracy....and then God knows what else.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"I'm looking for a complication" | Radio setlist 22Oct07

I did do a radio show last week. It was one of the best shows of my 6 year career. It would seem obvious, then, that the station computer decided to crap out on recording shows for 36 hours or so and it didn't get recorded.


Anyway, this week's show makes up for some of that, with some really stellar new releases (a lot...dancier than I was expecting), and the latter half of the F's kicks just as much ass as the first half did.

New release show, download here:

The Bird and the Bee "Polite Dance Song" Please Clap Your Hands EP
Jesca Hoop "Out the Back Door" Kismet
Idiot Pilot "Retina in the Sky" Cruel World Enterprise EP
Monument "Siren" Decades
British Sea Power "Atom" Krakenhaus? EP
Coco "Good" Play Drums + Bass
Tiny Masters of Today "K.I.D.S." Bang Bang Boom Cake
Cut Off Your Hands "You & I" Shaking Hands EP
The Story Of "Pinwheel" The World's Affair
Band of Horses "Ode to LRC" Cease To Begin
Rogue Wave "Harmonium" Asleep at Heaven's Gate
The Good Life "A Little Bit More" Help Wanted Nights
Eisley "Invasion" Combinations
Ani DiFranco "Here For Now" Canon

Fm-Fz, download here:

Franz Ferdinand "Take Me Out" Franz Ferdinand
The Futureheads "Meantime" The Futureheads
Frisbie "Disaster" New Debut"
Foo Fighters "Learn To Fly" There Is Nothing Left To Lose
The Fuglees "Japanimation Eyes" Indiana
The Frames "Fake" Burn the Maps
Fountains of Wayne "Hey Julie" Welcome Interstate Managers
Frente! "Accidentally Kelly Street" Marvin the Album.
Ben Folds Five "Kate" Whatever and Ever Amen
The Format "One Shot, Two Shots" EP
Folk Implosion "Brand of Skin" The New Folk Implosion
Fugazi "Waiting Room" 13 Songs
The Fucking Champs "What's a Little Reign?" IV
Fragile Porcelain Mice "Concept of Grief" Amigo De Fuego
Fuel "Jesus Or a Gun" Sunburn
The Forty-Fives "Bad Reputation" High Life, High Volume

Stay tuned at the end to hear one of the most collossal fuck-ups I've ever made on air. Weee....

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"Yes, I guess we need the drama / So much for the afterglow" -- FU:EL setlist 10-08-07

Hey, it's been a while, hasn't it? Well, File Under: Easy Listening is back, and we're on 2 hours again: 8-10PM Mondays.

Here's this week's endeavor. Not one of my finest hours (or pair of hours...whatever). The songs are all good, mind you, but the "flow" feels off to me. Whatevs....there's still a lot of great stuff. Download and listen.

Click here to download the new release hour:

Hot Hot Heat "Let Me In" Happiness Ltd.
Stars "Take Me To the Riot" In Our Bedroom After the War
Kevin Drew "Safety Bricks" Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew: Spirit If...
Ryan Ferguson "The Imposter" Only Trying To Help
Junior Senior "Can I Get Get Get" Hey Hey My My Yo Yo
Electric Six "Dance Pattern" I Shall Exterminate Anything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being the Master
Interpol "The Heinrich Maneuver" Our Love To Admire
Fast Computers "The New Feeling of Life" Heart Geometry
Sea Wolf "You're a Wolf" Leaves in the River
Brighton, MA "Bet You Never Thought" Brighton, MA
Cass McCombs "That's That" Dropping the Writ
SNMNMNM "No One Is Breaking In" Crawl Inside Your Head
The Big Lie "Sally" The Big Lie
Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers "Born Again Again" Swampblood

...and the second half of the show returns to what I was doing last spring, doing shows alphabetically by artist. The latter half of the E's didn't really bring many logical pairings together, so this half of the show is kind of all over the place as well, but man, there are some good songs, including some I had never heard before (Eve's Plum, I'm looking at you). This one's worth downloading for that Esthero song alone....sooooooooo good.

Click here to download Em-Ez:

Everclear "So Much for the Afterglow" So Much for the Afterglow
Eyeliners, The "See You Tonight" Here Comes Trouble
Eve's Plum "Jesus Loves You (Not As Much As Me)" Cherry Alive
Enon "Mirror On You" Grass Geysers...Carbon Clouds
Enon "Carbonation" High Society
Eugenius "Blue Above the Rooftops" Mary Queen of Scots
Essex Green, The "Penny & Jack" Cannibal Sea
Escovedo, Alejandro "Velvet Guitar" A Man Under the Influence
Eulogies "One Man" Eulogies
Endochine "Enough About You" Endochine
Evens, The "You Won't Feel a Thing" The Evens
Eric's Trip "Girlfriend" Forever Again
Explosions in the Sky "Welcome, Ghosts" All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
Eno, Brian "Everything Merges With the Night" Another Green world
Esthero "Everyday is a Holiday (With You)" Wikkid Lil' Grrrls
Erickson, Roky "For You" All That May Do My Rhyme
Explosion, The "Bullet 15" Sick At Modern Art
EMF "Girl of an Age" Schubert Dip

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Walking hand in hand with the beggar boys down the street": E-day, part the first

Download the new release show here. It's a little short this week, due to me showing up late to the studio. It's kind of a weird conglomeration of stuff, particularly that Kings of Leon song. They played "Charmer" when they played Pop's last year and it had the same weird yelping stuff on it. Don't know how I forgot this point, but it certainly surprised me when I started playing it. That Waking Ashland CD is pretty good....kind of like Ben Folds without the snarky sense of humor.

Kings of Leon "Charmer" Because of the Times
Waking Ashland "Salt Lake Jam" The Well
Elk City "Cherries in the Snow" New Believers
The Finches "Step Outside" Human Like a House
Ola Podrida "Cindy" Ola Podrida

Download the E show, part 1. I wasn't sure if I'd split the E's in half or not, but I decided I'd go for it in order to play some bands I probably wouldn't ever play otherwise. Turned out to be a VERY good decision. The songs by Eames Era (who I had never heard before) and Eisley fit very well into the set, and I got to get a little crazy by slipping in "Gay Bar." Everyone should download this set if for no other reason than Electronic's downright AMAZING song "For You" (Electronic features Bernard Sumner, the singer of New Order, and Johnny Marr, the guitar player of the Smiths, so obviously you should like it or you have no taste). I was tempted to play a couple more ELO songs ("So Fine" and "Evil Woman," for those who were wondering) but decided to give some new bands (Ela, the Eaves) a try. Glad I did.

Edwards, Jonathan "Sunshine" Jonathan Edwards
Eames Era, The "Fake Do-Gooders" Heroes + Sheroes
Earlimart "Burning the Cow" Everyone Down Here
Elf Power "Walking With the Beggar Boys" Walking With the Beggar Boys
Echobrain "Colder World" Echobrain
Elastica "Connection" Elastica
Electric Six "Gay Bar" Fire
Eagles of Death Metal "I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)" Death By Sexy
Electric Light Orchestra "Do Ya" A New World Record
Echo & The Bunnymen "Lips Like Sugar" Echo & The Bunnymen
Electronic "For You" Raise the Pressure
Eels "Saturday Morning" Shootenanny!
Eisley "Golly Sandra" Room Noises
Ela "Professional Love" Real Blood on Fake Trees
Eaves, The "Summer Gold" The Eaves
Edwards, Jonathan "Shanty" Jonathan Edwards

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

D-Day, Part 2

Hey y'all, here's the radio show alluded to last night.

Click here to download the new release portion of the show. The setlist...

Cibo Matto "Sugar Water" Pom Pom: The Essential Cibo Matto
Modest Mouse "Dashboard" We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
Arctic Monkeys "What If You Were Right the First Time?" Brainstorm
Babyshambles "The Blinding" The Blinding
Let's Go Sailing "We Get Along" The Chaos In Order
The Coach and Four "Hello Destroyer" The Great Escape
Dinosaur Jr. "This Is All I came To Do" Beyond

Click here to download the second half of the D's. Setlist behind the cut...

Doves "There Goes the Fear" The Last Broadcast
Dungen "Festival" Ta Det Lungt
Doxies, The "Goat" In Search Of...
Droge, Pete & the Sinners "Mr. Jade" Find A Door
Drive-By Truckers "Dead, Drunk, & Naked" Southern Rock Opera
Donelly, Tanya "World On Fire" This Hungry Life
Drake, Nick "One of These Things First" Bryter Layter
Dylan, Bob "One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later)" Blonde On Blonde
Dunlop, Slim "Hate This Town" Times Like This
Doucet, Luke "Brother" Broken
Dressy Bessy "This May Hurt (A Little)" Dressy Bessy
Donnas, The "40 Boys In 40 Nights" Turn 21
Dramarama "Anything Anything (I'll Give You)" Cinema Verite
Dynamite Boy "Catching On" Somewhere In America
Drake, Nick "Pink Moon" Pink Moon

An oddly mellow show, no?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

D-Day, part the first

I know I just used that line for a subject heading a couple days ago, but screw it. I just wasn't planning ahead, is all. Anyway, it's time for another radio show to download, or, more accurately, THREE radio shows! How, you say?

Well, I started off doing the typical half-hour new release showcase, all songs making their FU:EL debut....

Modest Mouse "Dashboard" We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
!!! "All My Heroes Are Weirdos" Myth Takes
Maps and Atlases "Stories About Ourselves" Trees, Swallows, Houses
Thomas Lunch "Fire Puppy" Diagrams Without Instructions
Walker Kong "We Are the Falling Stars" Deliver Us From People
Central Services "Song '89" Central Services
The Fratellis "Chelsea Dagger" Costello Music
The (International) Noise Conspiracy "Bigger Cages, Longer Chains" Live at the Oslo Jazz Festival

....then it was onto the D portion of the evening. When I was originally thinking about the show, I was sure I'd only do one hour's worth of D's, but as I went through my collection I realized I could very easily do 2 hours, and I bulked up the setlist with a batch of stuff from the KWUR stacks. I'm halfway tempted to expand all but the most paltry letters (Q, X, Y, Z) into 2 hours' worth of shows just so that I expand outside of my own CD collection as much as possible. 19 D songs this week, 6 of which came from outside of my collection. Anything requests for Dm-Dz let me know! There's at least one really good shocker in there toward the end....

Dale, Dick and the Del-Tones "Miserlou" Music From the Motion Picture Pulp Fiction
Deathray Davies "Maggie Doesn't Blink" Midnight at the Black Nail Polish Factory
Darker My Love "What's a Man's Paris" Darker My Live
Dinosaur Jr. "Feel The Pain" Without A Sound
Division of Laura Lee "We've Been Planning This For Years" Black City
Dirty Pretty Things "Deadwood" Waterloo To Anywhere
Dead Kennedys "Let's Lynch the Landlord" Dead Kennedys
Descendents "Nothing With You" Cool To Be You
Devo "Uncontrollable Urge" Q. Are We Not Men? A. We Are DEVO!
Dag Nasty "Bottle This" Minority of One
Def Leppard "Me & My Wine" High 'n' Dry
Decemberists, The "Billy Liar" Her Majesty
Death Cab For Cutie "The Sound of Settling" Transatlanticism
Dinosaur Jr. "Just Like Heaven" Duck And Cover
Dismemberment Plan "Superpowers" Change
Daft Punk "Digital Love" Discovery
Dada "Dizz Knee Land" Puzzle
Dispatch "Outloud" Bang Bang
Destroyer "Your Blood" Destroyer's Rubies

....and then the girl who did the show after me couldn't do her show. I was tempted to go through the rest of the Ds as one big 2 1/2 hour extravaganza, but then I cut myself too short on time to go through any more CDs from my own collection to check songs for naughty words and that sort of thing. So instead? Another hour of new releases! Score!

Rockford Mules "Ain't My Home" Crooked Tooth
Albert Hammond Jr. "Call an Ambulance" Yours To Keep
The Shins "Girl Sailor" Wincing the Night Away
The Apples in Stereo "Same Old Drag" New Magnetic Wonder
The Bird and the Bee "Again & Again" The Bird and the Bee
Deerhoof "Believe E.S.P." Friend Opportunity
Of Montreal "Suffer For Fashion" Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?
Nathan Oliver "Black Ship, White Sails" Nathan Oliver
Nurses "Lots of Brass" Hangin' Nothin' But Our Heads Down
The View "Skag Trendy" Hats Off To the Buskers
Dead Town Revival "Hail to the Chief" Hasta La Muerte
Dead Child "Never Bet the Devil Your Head" Dead Child
Bayside "Walking Wounded" Walking Wounded
Bikeride "And We Will Come Back As Dogs" The Kiss

Please download and enjoy all three!